Donation Gabriella Arcangeli Loria. Pompeian watercolors

In 2010, the painter's daughter-in-law, Professor Gabriella Arcangeli Loria, donated to the city where the artist serenely spent the last years of her life, different tempera paintings and watercolors. This collection of watercolors by Vincenzo Loria, a painter originally from Campania and lived in La Spezia in the last years of his life, represents a very important phase in the excavations of the Roman city of Pompei, that of the discoveries that took place in the second half of the nineteenth century.

In 2018 the Palazzina delle Arti wanted to pay tribute to Vincenzo Loria, who was awarded the title of dean of the La Spezia artists, exposing the central core of the collection of works donated by his daughter-in-law, with an exhibition dedicated to him, entitled "Discovering Pompeii".